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Pasteurized goat's milk

Kozje mleko

More and more can be heard that goat's milk should be drunk in order to strengthen immunity, and that with the help of this valuable product many autoimmune diseases can be overcome, e.g. asthma, allergies, but also various liver disorders, including tumors.

As goats are a very picky animal, there is no doubt that goat milk is really healthy. The goats are very fast, eating the bark of the trees, and when their human hand gives it something, they will not really try everything, especially if it's given to them rotten or crushed fruit. For these reasons, goat's milk is richer in minerals and vitamins from milk of other animals, e.g. cows or sheep, and whose way of cultivation lately involves staying longer in stables and taking concentrates and antibiotics, than staying in the sun and grazing eating system.

Because of the specific nutritional requirements, the largest goat farms in Serbia are also defined for combined breeding. Namely, goats have to move, and mainly grass or leaves. Goats are not subject to human influences in diet, so they are special, and it can be said that her flesh and milk are healthier than meat and milk of other animals. In addition, goats are more resistant to many diseases that are susceptible to other cattle and which could affect the yield of milk.

Goat's milk is specific in its composition, and this makes it very desirable in human nutrition, especially in those who suffer from problems associated with digestive tract, allergies, or lactose intolerance. Goat milk, after all, gets very healthy Goat Cheese!


100g of product contains on average
Energetic value 234 Kj (56kcal)
Lactose 4,1 g
Proteins 3,6 g
Milk fat 2,8 g
Store at a temperature of +1 to +6 C °

Why is it good to drink goat's milk?

Protein in goat milk is more probable than cow's milk protein, which makes the amino acid absorption more efficient. In other words, goat milk can also be consumed by people who are allergic to protein as-1 casein, because goat milk can be found only in traces. Also, goat's milk can also be consumed by people who have developed lactose intolerance, i.e. milk sugar, because the rapid passage through the digestive system of goat's milk leaves less unharmed residues in the colon to ferment. Goat milk can also be consumed by those who are on diet, they bring nutrients, and they will not get reared calories that are in the form of fat in the body.

Goat milk contains all the vitamins and minerals that are needed for the functioning of our body. Goat's milk has 13% more calcium and 25% more vitamin B6 than cow's milk. When drinking goat's milk, there is a better absorption of Ca, which contributes to a higher bone density. Since it is abundant with vitamin B6, goat's milk is suitable for drinking because this vitamin strengthens our nervous system.

Goat milk owns almost 143% of potassium more than cow, and potassium regulates the distribution of fluid in the body and regulates blood pressure, so it is highly desirable to drink it if you are prone to low blood pressure and heart problems. Potassium enables the proper functioning of the heart.

Because of the abundance of vitamin A, which is 47% more than in cow's milk, goat's milk should be drunk because it is strong antioxidant, improves vision and contributes to the slaughter or treatment of glaucoma. Precisely because of these properties, goat's milk proved to be excellent for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, wounds and burns on the skin. Rejuvenates the body and helps with the eyesight and skin of the skin.

It is recommended to use goat milk in children because it builds teeth and bones, but also in adults as a prevention of osteoporosis. In addition to calcium and potassium, goat's milk contains phosphorus, niacin, copper, and gives us 27% of the daily requirement for phosphorus more than cow's milk.

Because of niacin goat's milk is recommended for those who are prone to fat in blood because it regulates the blood sugar level and converts carbohydrates to sugar and thus gives us the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Something else…

New studies suggest that specific amino acids found only in goat milk prevent the formation of cancer cells. Goat milk is good for consumption in order to strengthen immunity to viruses, bacteria, allergens and carcinogens. We can consume it for strengthening immunity, but never rely on it as an ultimate medicine.