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Agricultural holding "DeMilk"Is located in Serbia, in Smederevo. The holder of the Agricultural Household "DeMilk"Is Dragan Denic. The property is registered in 2015 and it has agricultural land and farm Alpine goat. DeMilk is primarily concerned with the breeding of breeding goats of the race "France Alpina", all throats are with pedigrees, for all throats there is a selection of both production and exterior. All the female throats that are in the milk production have a claim. Milk cards which prove that they are healthy and do not have mastitis. All health-preventive veterinary measures prescribed by the Veterinary Administration shall be implemented. It is also planned to build own dairy farms that would deal with milk processing.

DeMilk company produces high quality goat milk, cheese, whey, and meat. In our range you can find various products which are made from 100% goat milk.

As we continually expand production and processing, we are looking for serious partners and cooperators (restaurants, hotels, dairy stores, mixed stores ...) for long-term cooperation on delicatessen goats cheese, goat's milk and goat's whey. If you are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation, Contact us.